June & October 2015
Case Study
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June & October 2015



  • To visit 889 Tesco stores in June to complete a detailed audit of existing Pampers & Tesco POS on Nappy Fixture, and highlight any gaps
  • 773 stores selected for re-visit in Oct to walk in & install replacement Pampers & Tesco POS
  • FieldSmart’s warehouse (TWS) used audit data to create store specific POS kits that were unique to each store.
  • FieldSmart HO team took an active role in activity planning, working with both P&G and Tesco HO contacts to ensure the product was a success



  • 98% stores had Pampers trays & inserts sited by FieldSmart
  • 98% stores had Tesco Loves Baby trays & inserts sited by FieldSmart
  • 30,304 items of POS were sited by FieldSmart