About Us


Elevate was set up in 2008 with a simple mission – to be the type of sale activation agency WE had always wanted to work for, but never found. Our founding Partners are still very much involved in the agency and client activity both having previously run successful agencies and also been client-side.

We are an agency where the focus is always on raising the bar, with a culture of continually striving to achieve more in every sphere of our activity. It’s a culture we call Elevation.

Elevation gives us an unrelenting focus on performance improvement & efficiency; it makes us entrepreneurial and enterprising – never accepting can’t do as a final answer; it makes us fanatical about detail – planning and checking our obsessions; it makes us focussed on your business and its needs 24-7.

Our Elevation culture has attracted some of the UK’s most famous brand names as well as some that will become famous. Since 2008 we’ve grown year on year building on our success with our current clients, and winning new clients. And as well as winning clients we’ve also won awards for our work and on this site you can see a selection of testimonials from satisfied clients.

Most importantly however, Elevation raises overall achievement levels – the bottom line is BETTER RESULTS – for you – and for us. Since 2008 Elevate has been proud to be independent, growing and enjoying long-standing and valuable partnerships with our clients and suppliers.

Elevate Mobile software

Handheld Reporting App

Our new reporting app for handheld devices is available to all our field team. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows and uses the latest HTML5 technology.

Using breakthrough technology, information can be viewed and data captured even if no signal present. Data can then be synchronised using data or Wi-Fi connection. Here are some of the key features:

  • Diary & activity planner
  • Signature functionality
  • Photo capture
  • Geo-location

Client Elevate

‘Client Elevate’ is the ultimate Field Marketing reporting suite for our clients. Activity dashboard, photos and reports all available in one place. Topline results are presented in graphic format with interactive infographics which could be used for instant presentations.

Built using latest web standards and robust framework, the portal is highly intuitive making it highly secure with username and password protection. Mobile-optimised, responsive across all browsers and devices.

Elevate Client performance reporting software